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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring has Sprung in Cobourg (maybe)

Spring has Sprung in Cobourg (maybe)

Woot Woot for double digits! (Celsius temperature that is). Hibernation appears to be coming to an end for this Canadian, as the much anticipated “Double Digits” has finally hit (for two days straight; not just a random warm day in the middle of an otherwise so-cold-your-nose-turns-blue week).  Birds are singing, buds are popping out on trees (will get to more detail on that later), and the sweet smell of spring is in the air.  Dave says it smells like mud, I smell the distinct scent of road trip in the air.

In my mind, the season has begun.  Searching for waterfalls, road trips, chip trucks, road trips, lazy days at the rivers, road trips, geocaching (which is just a good excuse for a road trip), roadside fruit stands and bakery booths, oh and… ROAD TRIPS! Now am I jumping in a little early? Maybe… Am I totally jinxing the good weather? Most likely… I simply can’t help but be completely stoked for the coming season.  Regardless, I plan on staying delusional about the good weather sticking around ‘til next winter.

To commemorate this shift in seasonal blossoming, we took our first nightly walk of the year.  Trixie was stoked. It was a little cool, and we had to bundle up, but the air was clean and… moist.  So moist, in fact, that Trixie poofed up to twice her size of fluffiness by the time we got home.

Dave and I have this tradition we’ve stumbled upon over the years to track the seasons while we walk.  (Winter is a no-go, so we only track three of the seasons).  We follow pretty much the same path most nights.  You see, there is this house… the front yard has no lawn, it’s all gardens and trees that have specific blooms for each season.  It delivers a variety of colors, scents and blossoms throughout the year.  Every time we pass by we absorb and relish in the changes.  Last night was no different, except we figured there wouldn’t be much to see.  We were mistaken.

As we approached the wrought iron fence I said, “Guess there won’t be much to see yet”.  He replied, “Not yet, but soon”.  I looked up at the first tree and longingly observed, “The buds will be the first to show”.  He gasped first, (he’s taller by a foot, therefore closer to the tree branches, and his sight is better than mine, so he got the first glimpse… not that I’m bitter or anything :P ).  My gasp was quick to follow I assure you. There on the first tree were big green buds! Ecstasy, loud squeally happy sounds (mostly coming from me) and bouncing and clapping ensued.  Spring has Sprung!

Trixie was not at all interested or concerned about our discovery; her attention was focused on the plastic bag that was floating around.  To each their own, I say.

Spring Road Trippin' (taken in Spring 2015)