Highlighting my adventures in Canada. I live in Ontario, so most sites will be within the province, but hoping to eventually travel to other provinces to grab up some cool pics and great memories.

My body and lifestyle aren't exactly built for adventuring. I'm the girl who wound up in a wheelchair with a broken knee I couldn't walk on for almost two years from falling in a city park. A move like that takes an expert level of clumsiness to achieve. Add to the mix some other health issues (see about me section), having to take my dog with me everywhere I go, and what we have here is a recipe for potential disaster. Regardless, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

I would love to hear of your adventures as well! Please leave a comment about your travels, or suggestions of places we should check out.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Feelin' the Family Time

    I love going for drives around Ontario, we see the most beautiful sites.  On our way to Healey Falls (will cover in a different post) we came across this family of geese just north of Campbellford, On. 


Dave was kind enough to pull over to the side of the road and keep Trixie occupied while I took pictures of the family getting ready to settle in for the night.


Protective Parenting

Mommy and Daddy were not too happy about us being there, but quickly went about their business.  The chicks walked around in groups, and they were so fluffy and adorable!


This fuzzy little furball is just grabbin’ up some grub, but he ain’t sharing!